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Message T
Contour fit
100% Cotton
Short sleeve: $18.00
Long sleeve $22.00

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Choose message
Plays well with others
Safety Patrol
Life is toxic
Practice germ warfare
You're lucky - I'm smart
No-risk/High-reward ratio

Pleasure PlusTM condoms
Preferred 8 to 1 in a clinical study conducted by Emory University, these scientifically developed and patented condoms make playing safe simply sensational. Restores the natural feeling of intimacy commonly dulled by latex.
3 pack $3.99
12 pack in aluminum carrier (shown) $12.99

Night LightTM glow-in-the-dark condoms
Safe sex just got a whole lot more fun! The only glow-in-the-dark condom FDA approved for the prevention of disease.
3 pack $4.99

The card she'll wear!
Not only does this card carry a fun cover message, it houses our thong. Opening the card reveals a window through which the punch line is visible. "Play Safe" is screened on the front of a Play Safe Thong®.

Available covers:
Happy Birthday
Yay - you're getting married
Yay - you're getting divorced
Happy Valentine's Day

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Thank you for playing safe!

Why wear a Play Safe Message T?

Be committed and have attitude, especially when it's about your health.

The impact you can make with one message and one body is worth flaunting.